TheraPets Visits

Interacting with a therapy animal has proven to improve both physical and mental health!

Visits with TheraPets can assist in treating depression and/or anxiety, improve mental stimulation, and enhance quality of life.

When bringing TheraPets to your facility, you can be confident the volunteer/pet team has been appropriately trained and certified. Volunteers are required to attend training as part of the certification process, ensuring they are prepared for this type of volunteer work. The safety and comfort of the people we serve is a top priority.

Our TheraPets Teams regularly visit hospitals, assisted living and long-term care facilities, hospices, rehabilitation centers, schools, shelters and more.
We are currently partnered with over 50 facilities in Central Iowa!

About TheraPets Visits

  • Visits happen on-site at your facility and last approximately one hour 
    length of visit dependent on TheraPets' individual needs
  • Schedule of visits is agreed upon by facility and each TheraPets Team, based on volunteer’s availability

What to Expect From ARL TheraPets:

  • Our TheraPets Teams have passed standards-based assessments for Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Administrative support to address questions, comments and/or concerns
  • Insurance to supplement volunteer homeowners’ policy 
    if you require a copy of the policy, please contact

What ARL TheraPets Expects in Return:

  • One point of contact available to our volunteers throughout the entirely of their visits
  • Orientation for volunteers (as appropriate and applicable per facility)
  • A clear understanding of your facility’s rules/requirements for volunteers
  • A safe visiting environment for both human and pet volunteer

How to Identify TheraPets Teams:

  • Handler will wear an ARL TheraPets photo ID badge
  • Pet will wear ARL TheraPets bandana and tag (as appropriate for species)

If you are interested in hosting recurring visits and becoming an ARL TheraPets Partner Facility, fill out the request form here to submit your inquiry for review. 

“The residents are 3801 Grand are thrilled with the visits from the TheraPets. We have had a variety of different breeds of dogs and beautiful cats. Some of the dogs perform tricks for us and others just enjoy being petted, as much as we enjoy petting and interacting with them. The cats have been so much fun to have sit on our laps and purr.  All of the animals have been very well behaved, and obviously trained as therapy animals.”

“You just can’t put into words the enjoyment everyone in the community has experienced with our TheraPets visits. Thank you so much, Cat, for bringing ARL TheraPets to 3801 Grand!”
-Terri Tripp, Activity Director