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Rescue Ride Relocation Fund

Rescue Ride Relocation Fund

Our Rescue Ride Relocation Fund gives pets in overcrowded shelters throughout Iowa and across the country the second chance to find new homes.  In 2020 we relocated 361 pets to the ARL and continue to accept dozens more each month. Our Rescue Ride Relocation Fund is an important partnership that reduces overcrowding, improves animal welfare, and helps save animal lives in communities all across the country. 

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See How Rescue Ride Relocation Fund has Saved Animals' Lives:

Retired Florida racehorses find new home in first horse transfer

6 retired racehorses from a rescue in Florida made the journey to Iowa because the horses were not handling the Florida heat well. We were glad we were able to take in these Thoroughbreds when they needed it, and they all adjusted well and got settled into an environment where they will do much better long-term. While we had done many transfers in of dogs, cats and small animals in need, this was our first larger transfer of horses. Read the full story here.

Horse Transfer 

Over 200 animals transferred to the ARL

In June 2020, Jasper County Animal Rescue League (JCARL) announced that they decided to close their doors so they asked us to transfer their pets into our shelter to find them loving homes. The first day, 25 cats and 4 dogs arrived at the ARL and our medical team spent several hours giving them full medical evaluations. The pets received vaccinations, microchips, deworming medicine, blood tests, ear medications, and any other treatments they needed before settling in for the night. We continued to work with JCARL throughout the rest of June and into July until their shelter was empty and the remaining pets were in our care. In total, we brought back over 100 animals during this transition. Read the full story here.

JCAL Transfer

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