Dog Birthdays at the ARL

Dog Birthdays & Gotchya Days

Birthdays and 'gotcha days' are kind of a big deal around here.  

Dog Birthday or Gotcha Day - $200

The only thing better than celebrating YOU at the ARL is celebrating your PUP!

We want to help you celebrate your best four-legged friend's special day, whether that be their birthday or their "gotcha" day, we've got you covered!

When you're ready to reserve your party date, contact the ARL events team at or call (515) 473-9126.


  • 90 minutes rental in Bailey's Bark Park for your pup and 9 of their dog friends
  • Access to the agility park (attached to Bailey's Bark Park)
  • Birthday treat for the pup being celebrated
  • Doggie bags for each paw-ty pup
  • Basket of dog toys for the duration of the party 
  • Games for your dog: 
    • Bobbing for hot dogs
    • Treat Puzzles 


  • Custom dog cake: includes 1 cake for the paw-ty pup and 6 mini pupcakes (dog-safe) for all their fur-ends! - $20
    • Cake color options: Pink or blue
    • Additional pupcakes are $3/each
    • Email 2 weeks in advance to order
  • Paw Painting - $50
  • 24 pack of assorted beer - $48 
    • Special request can be made, but are not guaranteed. Must be reserved 1 week in advance. 
  • Additional dogs - $15/each (includes doggie bag) 

Important information for celebrations in Bailey's Bark Park:
We welcome friendly dogs of all sizes and breeds and their responsible owners. For the safety of your dog and others, female dogs should not be in heat and please check with your veterinarian to make sure your dog is up to date on all of its vaccinations. Dogs must be leashed when outside of Bailey's Bark Park and under control of their owner at all times. No retractable leashes, choke chains, or prong collars are allowed.

There must be 1 human to every two dogs.

*Weather Policy - Outdoor celebrations that are cancelled due to poor weather must be rescheduled within 6 months. If Mapes Auditorium is available, you may have the option to move the celebration inside, but dogs will not be allowed.