Cage and Equipment

A bird’s perch should be properly sized to allow the bird’s feet to sit comfortably. Be sure to use wood that has not been treated in any way. Perches should be located so that droppings do not contaminate food or water, so that the bird’s tail feathers do not touch the bottom of the cage and so that the bird does not have to bend over to avoid having its head rub the top of the cage.

Air pollutants can be especially dangerous to birds and may quickly kill them. Avoid allowing the following fumes in a bird’s environment: cigarette smoke, insecticides, fumes from overheated Teflon coatings (or similar coatings), mite sprays or boxes, and cedar, redwood, or pressure treated pine chips.

Cages should be lined with paper towels, newspaper or plain paper so droppings can be changed/monitored daily.