The Animal Rescue League adopts birds to be family pets. Under no circumstances should birds be used for food for other animals; for experimentation or laboratory work; or for any other use other than as a family pet. The ARL strictly enforces this policy under the terms of the adoption contract. Birds are social, inquisitive creatures. They bond to their caregivers and other frequent visitors, whistling and/or "talking" regularly. They enjoy human interaction and exploration of their environments. There are so many types of birds that life spans are not listed here. Please consult a bird book for information on longevity of birds. Click on the topics below to learn more!

Environment & Care
Location, temperature, noise level; all of these details and more are important when you decide to adopt a pet bird!

Cage & Equipment
Learn what specific attributes to look for when selecting your bird's cage and equipment.

Food & Basic Care
What food will be the best for your bird? What about treats and toys? Find out more here!

Parakeet Care
Learn the basics of how to care for Parakeets!