Environment and Care

Birds are intelligent and social pets that require love and attention. Although the amount of attention varies by species, a bird that is ignored or bored can go insane, pluck his feathers or even mutilate himself. Keep your bird in an area where there is family activity, but be sure he/she has a quiet area to sleep in at night. Talk to your bird during the day. If you work, leave a radio, CD or TV on when you are gone. Take your bird out for play and cuddling every day.

Birds need to live in steady temperatures. Sudden changes in temperature can be harmful. In excessively hot temperatures, birds may pant or hold their wings partially open; lightly misting the bird with water may help.

Birds of tropical origin may enjoy daily misting, but should be kept warm until their feathers have dried.

Birds should have supervised access to fresh air and direct sunlight; a bird should never be placed in direct sunlight without access to shade.