Host A Fundraiser

We appreciate your desire to help the homeless animals in our care and want to provide a comfort level to prospective donors about your fundraiser.

If you are interested in organizing and hosting your own event to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. (ARL), please abide by the following policies & procedures. If you would like to do a supply donation drive for the ARL, click here for our Fetch! List of items that we need the most.

Policies & Procedures

In order to assure that the ARL's name, image, and reputation are properly represented, we ask that all third-party fundraisers abide by the following policies. Your cooperation will help us guarantee consistency and quality in the events that ultimately benefit our shelter. Thank you again for your efforts.

Due to the number of requests we receive, the ARL may not always be able to:

  • Promote your event in our e-newsletter (Midweek Mews), Facebook, Tailwaggers, etc.
  • Set up and man a booth at your event
  • Distribute posters or literature for your event
  • Supply adoptable animals for your event
  1. To request that your fundraiser or event be included in our promotions, contact us with the details a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. Due to the high volume of requests, we typically require a guaranteed minimum donation of $250 to promote third-party fundraisers or events. Please contact Chris for additional details.
  2. To request that the ARL have a presence at your event (booth, adoptable animals, etc.), contact Chris with the event details a minimum of 14 days in advance of the event.
  3. While we may be able to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the personnel to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events. Therefore, you are responsible for all details of the event including: underwriting all of the related costs, recruiting volunteers to help out at the event, creating flyers to publicize the event, working at the actual event.
  4. The event must be promoted in a manner to avoid statements or the appearance of ARL endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual, or service. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. is not the sponsor, but the "beneficiary" of the event.
  5. The name and logo must be used in accordance with ARL's graphic standards.
  6. In accordance with our Better Business Bureau Gold Standard rating, all promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds or dollar amount that will benefit the ARL. (i.e. NOT "a portion of the proceeds.")
  7. The ARL should receive a list of targeted sponsors for the event before they are approached to minimize overlap with other ARL events and/or fundraising campaigns that may be underway, if applicable.
  8. The ARL can provide informational materials promoting the organization, its goals and accomplishments
  9. Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all permits, especially those for raffles and/or games of chance.
  10. Event organizers must obtain their own liability insurance to cover the event. ARL is not financially liable for the promotion and/or staging of third-party events.
  11. Under no circumstances should third-party event revenue and expenses flow through ARL books. Only the final net proceeds from the event are to be processed by ARL.
  12. The event must support the mission of the organization. (Anything that promotes breeding or the sale of animals will not be sanctioned. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. reserves the right to determine what is not in keeping with our mission.)
  13. It is up to you to understand the federal, state and local laws governing fundraising. (Remember, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc. cannot bear any liability or responsibility for your event.)
  14. The logo for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa or any of its events cannot be duplicated without expressed, written consent and can never be altered either by color, font or image.

Email Ashley to request the approved logo for third-party events.