Litter Donation

02/16/18 Update: So far, we have gotten 14% of the nominations, so we will get 14% of the litter donated! That means we will be receiving 38 pallets of litter! Keep nominating us so we can continue to receive free litter for our cats!

Help us receive free cat litter!

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In 2017, Cat’s Pride donated about 16 pallets of litter, helping us save approximately $40k. We were then able to spend that money on other things the animals needed. This year they’ve rolled out a new program that is going to make this donation more competitive. For every jug of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light that is purchased, Cat’s Pride will add a pound of litter to their donation program. They will then send those donations to shelters that have been nominated by the public – the more nominations we receive, the more litter we’ll receive. For example: if we have 30% of the nominations, we’ll receive 30% of the litter.

Here’s where we need YOUR help:

Go to and “Join the Club”. From there, you’ll be able to nominate the ARL by searching by zip code (50313).