• ARL Statement RE: Des Moines Court Case, Canine 'Diesel'

    posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

    On September 28, 2015, a dog named “Diesel” was involved in a bite incident resulting in a laceration to the neck of a four-year old deaf and autistic boy. Accusations by the Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs' counsel, and some others on social media, that Diesel was an "innocent service dog" who was "illegally" seized by Animal Control, and that there was "no evidence of a bite," are simply inaccurate and are directly contrary to the substantial evidence presented during the administrative hearing and

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  • ARL receives more than $25,000 from PetSmart Charities

    posted on Friday, July 27, 2018

    The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) has received a new $26,348 grant from PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America.

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  • Flooding Leaves Nearly 50 Pets in Crisis Foster at the ARL

    posted on Friday, July 6, 2018

    Last year we responded to the devastating hurricanes along the coasts, but this year the devastation is in our own backyards. We need your help today so we can continue to provide a safe haven for the nearly 50 flood victim pets who are already in our care – and the others we expect to help as families remain displaced.

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  • Senior Dogs at the ARL Fetch Grant

    posted on Monday, July 2, 2018

    The ARL in Des Moines is one of 66 animal welfare groups in 30 states who were chosen from more than 300 applicants to receive a grant to help local senior dogs.

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