100+ puppies!

posted on Thursday, May 2, 2024 in News


Litter after litter, the puppies keep coming.

It’s been nonstop – every week, more underage puppies arriving at the ARL looking for a chance at survival.

We’ve already taken in 100+ MORE puppies than last year at this time … and they keep coming! They need your help!


This sweet litter just arrived and will need weeks of veterinary care to heal from painful skin issues. We’ve already started them on a regimen of antibiotics and medicated baths, as well as treatment for the multiple worms and parasites our lab tests found.

These pups – and the hundreds of others who have already arrived – have stretched our resources at a time when everything is more expensive due to rising costs of supplies. But each of their little lives is worth it. 



Your donation today – whether one-time or monthly – will ensure these puppies and so many others receive the medical care, safe shelter and nourishing food they need to grow and thrive … and ultimately find loving families.

This flood of puppies is also coming at a time when our kennels are already full of adult dogs, with more coming through our doors every day. The sheer number of dogs and vulnerable puppies in our care is a challenge, but your support will make it possible for us to be there for every dog and puppy that arrives – no matter how young, how sick or how many at a time.

These puppies and dogs are counting on you. Please give a lifesaving gift today.


P.S.: When you donate today to help these puppies or join our Loyal Friends Club monthly giving program, you’ll automatically receive exclusive updates on their progress.