104 Chickens and Roosters Removed from Des Moines Home

posted on Friday, March 9, 2018 in News

Jose BarriosUPDATE (4/3/18) Jose Barrios of Des Moines has been charged with 1 count of Care & Treatment (neglect, under city code 18-2) and 1 count of having too many chickens on the property (under city code 18-4C), both simple misdemeanors, as well as 1 count of a felony Animal Contest – Trainer. These charges are related to the case on March 8, 2018 where the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s Animal Control Officers removed over 100 chickens from his residence in the city of Des Moines. Barrios surrendered the chickens to the ARL and to date over 60 chickens have been adopted. Another 40 are still available for adoption through the ARL’s Second Chance Ranch program.

Rooster Rescue, March 2018The ARL has assisted Des Moines Police in removing 104 chickens and roosters from a property in Des Moines. The ARL Rescue Team carefully loaded each animal into transport vehicles and brought them to the ARL’s Kruidenier Second Chance Ranch for care and treatment. Their care is now our financial responsibility.

This latest rescue brings the total number of animals the ARL has rescued in the past month to 755 … and now we need your help!

Donations to support the ARL’s Cruelty Intervention program can be made at the button below (RE: End Cruelty).


The investigation is ongoing, and we will continue to provide information as it is available.