14 Mini Horses Need Your Help

posted on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 in News

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14 miniature horses rescued in terrible condition from an eastern Iowa property are safe and receiving care at the Animal Rescue League’s Second Chance Ranch.

Mini Horses in Barn

Many of the horses arrived with severely overgrown hooves — some so long they had started to corkscrew — making it extremely painful and difficult for them to walk. Several of the horses arrived underweight, and one is completely blind, relying on another horse to help her navigate her surroundings. Another mare arrived with a crooked leg and overgrown hooves, making walking that much more difficult for her.

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On top of their physical challenges, many of the horses are not used to people or their touch, making helping them even more difficult.

Mini Horses with Farrier

It was clear these horses urgently needed specialized care. We began making calls, and within 24 hours equine veterinarians and farriers were at our Second Chance Ranch, evaluating their medical needs and doing initial emergency hoof trims.

Mini Horses Hoof Trimmings

Several of these poor mini horses had been struggling to walk with POUNDS of overgrown hooves. One little golden stallion named Bo had 5.5 pounds of corkscrewed hoof trimmed off, with more trimming yet to go. Even after just one foot was trimmed, we saw a change in his demeanor. He started to move more and had more energy and personality as each hoof was freed of the excess weight. He, along with the others who had suffered so long with severe hoof issues, are now in the process of relearning how to walk.


Since their initial emergency visit, both equine veterinarians and farriers have been at the ARL multiple times providing medical and hoof care. And, with your support, we’ll continue to help these horses for as long as they need it.

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Your donation to the ARL’s Second Chance Ranch will help provide continued care for these horses and your monthly gift will help them heal and ensure we'll always be there to answer the next call to help barn animals like these who are suffering and need a second chance. Plus, as part of the ARL’s upcoming Day of Giving, every donation you make between now and midnight Tuesday (7/27) will be quadrupled. That means your donation will have four times the impact on the lives of these horses and others in need!

P.S., When you give today to help these horses or join our Loyal Friends Club monthly giving program, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive exclusive updates on their progress and your gift will be QUADRUPLED!