15 Pets Rescued From Junk-Filled Trailer

posted on Monday, September 12, 2022 in News

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15 animals crammed into a small trailer home, filled with junk and reeking of urine.

That’s what ARL Animal Services officers found when they assisted Des Moines Police in removing a dog, eight cats and six rabbits from a toxic, trash-filled trailer in southwest Des Moines.

Space was tight, made even smaller by the piles of junk, trash and animal feces everywhere. The bedrooms were so full of junk there was no room for beds. The entire trailer had been soaked with urine for so long that the flooring had started to warp, making it tricky to walk. The smell of urine was stifling. It seeped into rescuers’ clothes as they moved each animal out one by one to fresh air and safety.

No one deserves to live like this – people or pets.

Thankfully these animals are now safe at the Animal Rescue League under the care of our Miracle Medical Team. It’s their first step on a journey to a better life. And they need your help today.

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The dog, named Lulu, is in the worst condition. She is suffering from red, inflamed skin and patchy fur across her body, as well as concerning masses on her abdomen and foot. The cats are infested with fleas and ear mites and some are quite thin. All are being evaluated by our veterinary team to determine treatment plans

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These animals deserve the chance to live happy, healthy lives with families who love them. Your gift today – whether one-time or monthly – will help save them from the suffering they’ve endured and prepare them for the clean, safe, loving homes they’ve always deserved.

Please help change these pets’ lives with a gift today.

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