19 dogs and puppies desperate for help

posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 in News

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Every shelter across the country is full right now, and the ARL is no different, but when we received a call to help dogs from a hoarding case we couldn’t say no.

When the 19 dogs and puppies arrived yesterday afternoon, our medical team immediately began examining, vaccinating and treating them. They had clearly been living in filth for a long time. Several were seriously matted – including a mama dog with three tiny puppies. Their coats were urine-stained with evidence of fleas. Many will need dental surgeries. One dog is missing an eye.

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These dogs had suffered terribly in their previous life, but with your help they’ll never experience that horror again.

We shaved off the nasty mats and gave all the dogs and puppies baths – making them comfortable for the first time in a long time, if not the first time in their lives. It was just the first step in the next chapter of their journey. Now they need you.

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Your donation today will make a difference for these dogs and for the nearly 1,400 other animals who woke up in our care this morning. And when you give now through July 27, you can make 10X the impact – up to $125,000 - thanks to a generous matching grant from Petco Love.

Say “yes” to these dogs with a donation today.

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