300+ Animals rescued. They need your help

posted on Thursday, March 17, 2022 in News

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The ARL Mobile Response Team assisted law enforcement this week with the removal of additional animals from the same unlicensed breeder in Southeast Iowa that we had already removed dogs and hamsters from late last month, bringing the total to over 300 animals rescued: 42 dogs and 41 hamsters initially, and another 225 dogs, barn animals, reptiles, and small animals this week. All had been living in horrendous conditions.

ACO with Goat

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This week, in addition to the 42 dogs we had already rescued, we found nearly 40 more dogs and puppies crammed into wire cages and living in their own waste inside the home. We also found multiple small animals and reptiles, all living in filth and many in need of immediate medical care.


Outside, conditions were even more dire. More than 100 barn animals - goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, turkeys, a pig and a miniature horse - were living packed together in disgusting enclosures with no food and no water.

Our team spent hours carefully moving all the animals into clean kennels and onto multiple trucks and trailers for the 3.5-hour drive back. When rescuers arrived at the ARL late in the evening, our animal care team was on hand to move all 225 animals into clean, spacious enclosures with food, water and bedding.


Our Miracle Medical Team was also ready and waiting to assess the most critical cases, including a 1-week-old puppy who had been found cold and alone on the dirt floor of a shed. We immediately placed her in our incubator for neonates, and as we began feeding her, we could tell she hadn’t eaten in a long time. She is now under round-the-clock care in an experienced foster home, but she is not out of the woods yet.

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Many of the animals have serious medical concerns. The dogs are suffering from diarrhea, rotten teeth, fleas and ear infections. Nearly all of the goats, chickens and turkeys are emaciated, and the other birds are very thin. Many of the birds have injuries and feather loss from being housed in overcrowded conditions that gave them no relief from pecking. Among our biggest worries are for the goats.

Many - including mamas and babies - are emaciated, and many are suffering from parasites that can be fatal. Veterinarians specializing in barn animals have already begun treatment.

LeeCoDogRescue_Vet and Goat

Mom and baby goat

Thankfully, all of these animals are now safe, but with hundreds more animals in our care overnight - many of whom will be recovering at the ARL for weeks - we need your help.

Your donation today - whether one-time or monthly - will help provide nutritious food and medical care for all of these animals and put them on the road to recovery. None of them deserved to be treated like this, but with your help we can ensure they’ll never suffer again.

For these 300+ animals who have been saved, their lives have already begun to change. They’ve endured so much to make it this far. Please give today to help give them a second chance.

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P.S.: David and Gina Sams of Argyle (pictured below) have been arrested and charged with 7 counts of animal neglect, and the investigation is ongoing. When you donate today or join our Loyal Friends Club, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive updates on these animals.

David and Gina Sams