43 Animals Rescued from Terrible Conditions

posted on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 in News

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The Animal Rescue League team has rescued a total of 43 animals from terrible conditions during a two-day rescue at a property in Marion County. The dogs, cats, rabbits, horse and pot-bellied pigs were living in horrendous conditions alongside deceased animals with no food and no clean water.

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We arrived on one of the hottest days of the year to find animals scattered around the property. The dogs, many of which had serious skin infections and nails so long they were curling under their feet, appeared to be drinking sewage because it was the only source of liquid available. The cats were living in an abandoned house on the property that was covered in feces. And the rabbits were in enclosures so filled with excrement that it made it difficult for them to move.

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There were also multiple horses, goats and pot-bellied pigs on the property. The pigs were suffering from hair loss and one horse had a large untreated injury to its leg.

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In near-100-degree temps, our team worked for hours to move as many animals as possible into air-conditioned vehicles for the trip back to the ARL. Neighbors were willing to provide homes for some of the livestock, so we worked with them to ensure they could get the care they needed.

Unfortunately, we were unable to catch a few of the animals and unable to load two pot-bellied pigs because of the risk of them overheating in the brutal temps, so we made arrangements to ensure they would be cared for until our return.

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Back at the shelter, our Miracle Medical Team took over and began examining and treating the animals. Along with skin infections, many of the dogs had severe ear infections and all were covered in fleas. The cats were suffering from fleas, ear mites and other ailments. One had a large lip ulcer. Some were very thin. Nearly all will need spay/neuter surgeries. An equine vet arrived to treat the horse’s leg injury, which they said he’d been suffering with for a very long time.

On the second day on the property, our rescue team was able to get the two pigs, as well as more cats and rabbits. All are now safe and being treated at the ARL.

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Coming from such terrible conditions and facing multiple medical issues, these animals need your help to finally get the second chance they deserve.

Please donate today to show these animals that you are there for them today and every day. Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund will show them that after all they’ve been through there is still hope. It will get better.

We are committed to helping these animals. Will you join us?

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