6 Dogs Removed from Feces-Covered House

posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in News

Destinee MillerThe ARL team received a call from the Des Moines Police Department (DMPD) yesterday and we rushed to the scene. There were three very young children and a half dozen dogs who had been left alone at a feces-filled home.

The DMPD needed the ARL to help remove the dogs from the home. Destinee Miller, the children's mother, was arrested and the children were turned over to the Iowa Department of Human Services. She has been charged with multiple counts of animal neglect and child endangerment.

As if that situation wasn’t horrific enough, two of the puppies in the group tested positive for parvo, a virus that can be fatal if not treated immediately. Since all of the dogs were exposed to the parvo virus, they are all at risk and were transported straight to our medical treatment ward.

The ARL medical team immediately gave the dogs IV fluids and set up a quarantined area where they can receive treatment without infecting the other dogs in our shelter. In total, 6 dogs are now in our care from this house. They are safe, but unfortunately their health is yet uncertain.

Even with treatment, parvovirus does not always have a positive outcome, but we aren’t giving up on these dogs!

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