60 animals were suffering

posted on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 in News


It happened again. Late in the day, we received a call from law enforcement asking us to help rescue dozens of animals from horrible conditions. There were 60 dogs and cats living inside the property, where, sadly, deceased dogs had also been found. A visit from a member of our Mobile Rescue Team confirmed these animals couldn’t wait.


We immediately deployed more ARL rescuers. What we found was heartbreaking: 57 dogs and puppies, some just days old, and 3 cats were trapped inside the home. The floors of the house were covered in trash and feces, and the smell was overwhelming. Some dogs were trapped in kennels while others roamed free.


The dogs themselves were in terrible shape. All were crawling with fleas, and many had skin that was red and raw from scratching. Some, including young puppies, had hair loss all over their bodies. Several dogs had scarred, cloudy eyes. One hopped around on three legs, holding her fourth up at an odd angle.


Our team removed each of the animals one by one until all had been rescued, returning to the shelter with the last load late into the evening. Back at the shelter, our Miracle Medical Team was waiting. With so many animals arriving in such poor condition, we needed all hands on deck. Some medical staff who had finished their shifts for the day returned just to help these dogs.


The dogs with the worst skin immediately began antibiotics and some were given medicated baths. A dog with a painful leg condition was started on pain medication. Our veterinarians have determined that multiple dogs will need knee and dental surgeries. We can’t do this without you.


Your gift today to our Miracle Medical Fund will help give these pets and others like them the care they need to start over and begin their new lives free from suffering. Your monthly gift will help ensure we can always be there to answer the call to help animals in need.

These animals did not deserve to live like this, but you can give them hope. With your help, their futures will be bright.


P.S.:  The investigation into this situation is ongoing. When you donate today or join our Loyal Friends Club monthly giving program, you'll be automatically enrolled to receive updates on the animals from this case.