65 dogs and puppies rescued

posted on Thursday, April 21, 2022 in News

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65 more dogs and puppies are now in our care after the ARL team assisted authorities in rescuing them from a property near Hedrick, IA, in Keokuk County - the third time in two months that our team has been called on to conduct a large-scale rescue where animals were in urgent need of care.

Our Animal Welfare Intervention Coordinator received a call from authorities in Florida, who were working on an animal neglect case where dogs had gone missing and were thought to be in Iowa. Knowing the dogs may be in danger, our team immediately hit the road for the 1.5-hour drive to the suspected property and contacted county deputies on the way.

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When we arrived on the property with law enforcement, we found dozens of dogs and puppies, owned by a breeder, living outside in makeshift, overcrowded pens with little protection from the elements. Some of the puppies were in wire cages inside a camper with no heat. A veterinarian evaluated the dogs medically at the scene and determined all of them needed to be removed immediately. Our team rushed the dogs back to ARL veterinarians for urgent medical care.

Once back at the shelter, our Miracle Medical Team took over. One poor husky is missing part of one of her back legs, and the injury is so severe that the bone is exposed. Our veterinarians quickly moved her to our Miracle Medical Ward for urgent care.

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The puppies – some of them barely weaned - all appear to be infested with parasites, and many of the curly-haired dogs are suffering from severe, painful matting with feces caked into the mats. Many of the dogs and puppies are also underweight and suffering from ear and eye infections, diarrhea, and upper respiratory infections.

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With this urgent rescue, on top of the hundreds of other animals we’ve taken in recently, we need your help now more than ever. Whether you decide to give a one-time gift or give monthly, your support will help these dogs and puppies get the medical care they need and put them on the path to a better life – the life they’ve always deserved. Your support will also ensure our team will continue to be able to jump into action the next time we receive a call for help, no matter when, where or how many animals are in need.

Please give today to change the lives of these 65 dogs and help us continue this important work. We simply can’t do it without you.

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P.S.: The investigation into this case is ongoing. When you give today or join our Loyal Friends Club with a monthly gift you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive updates on these dogs.