Abandoned with a Broken Leg

posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018 in News

Nola Video Rehab(UPDATE 6/25/18): Nola is continuing to do great after her successful leg surgery at IVRC - Iowa Veterinary Referral Center, and she is now in rehab at Ingersoll Animal Hospital's Pawsitive Strides Veterinary Rehabilitation & Therapy! She has been having 45 minutes to an hour of therapy on her leg twice a day and the rehab specialists have already seen great progress as far as weight bearing and range of motion. She needs to be carried in and out of the clinic, but has several short leash walks outside each day and lots of one-on-one time with clinic staff. She has been an excellent patient so far and loves rehab because it means treats! Normally therapy of this type takes about 8 weeks with full recovery around 6 months, so she still has a ways to go, but she’s been a rock star so far!

NOLANola was abandoned at the ARL overnight with a severely broken leg. We found her first thing in the morning in our drop box, shaking and in pain. A note said she had been hit by a car.

We rushed her back to our medical suite, started her on pain meds and took X-rays to see how bad the break was. It turned out to be severe – a complete break with a jagged bone that had been driven inches into her leg.

She needs surgery now.

We will do whatever it takes to help this sweet puppy, but we need your help to provide this surgery for Nola and be there for other animals in need.