ARL Rescues 10 Severely Neglected Horses from Property in Warren County

posted on Monday, April 3, 2017 in News

Update (5/4/17):

Case 1: Just before the disposition hearing for Paula Redding, to determine whether she would get back the 10 horses she’s charged with neglecting, she voluntarily signed them over to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL). The ARL has been caring for and rehabilitating these 10 horses since March 31 when the ARL Rescue Team assisted Warren County officials in the rescue.

Case 2: Dennis White of Indianola was charged with 1 count of livestock neglect for the 4 extremely emaciated horses that were removed from his property on April 3. The ARL Rescue Team assisted Warren County officials to remove these horses just 3 days after the Redding case. A veterinarian later confirmed one of the emaciated horses from this rescue is pregnant and although a heartbeat was found, due to her extreme body condition, they were initially unable to tell how far along she is in the pregnancy. Yesterday, Veterinarians estimated her delivery to be within a week, so we will likely have another update very soon.

All 14 horses (soon to be 15) continue to undergo rehabilitation to prepare them for eventual adoption. Donations to help the horses are being accepted online ( or at any ARL location.

Emaciated HorsesHORSE RESCUE UPDATE  (04/04/17, 4:00p.m.): Yesterday, just as we were updating you about Friday’s horse rescue in Warren County, it happened again. We received another call to help Warren County officials remove 4 more emaciated horses, this time from a property near Indianola. Our rescue team quickly assembled, and together, with horse trailers in tow, met Warren County officials at the property.

This time it was much worse.

All 4 horses were evaluated at the rescue site by an equine veterinarian and were determined to be extremely emaciated. Fortunately, rescue arrived just in time for these horses. Their owner voluntarily surrendered the 4 horses to the ARL so they will never go back to where they were. They arrived last night at our Kruidenier Second Chance Ranch, where we have already begun the long and costly road to recovery.

In the past 4 days we have taken in 14 horses in desperate need of help. When law enforcement has nowhere else to turn, they contact the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

To donate to the care of all 14 rescued horses as they begin their recovery – and ensure that we will be able to continue to say “yes” when called upon to help a suffering animal – please donate by click the button below.

Help the Horses

ARL Rescues 10 Severely Neglected Horses from Property in Warren County
This is the second animal rescue in Warren County in the past two months.

Warren county horsesApril 3, 2017 (Des Moines, Iowa) – On Friday, March 31, Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) officials received a call from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office to remove 10 horses from a property in New Virginia, IA. The horses were on a property that was littered with metal and other junk. It was evident that the horses had eaten bark off of the trees because of lack of proper nutrition and did not have adequate access to clean water.

One horse was clearly suffering from an acute medical condition. One of the horses had a halter that was almost embedded into its skin and another horse had a halter that had been on for so long that the halter could not be unbuckled and had to be cut off.

The horses range in body conditions from “emaciated” to “very thin”.

The ARL rescue team relocated the 10 horses to the ARL’s Second Chance Ranch in Des Moines where they are now receiving medical care and rehabilitation. The Warren County Sheriff’s office is continuing the investigation and pursuing possible charges. We will continue to assist the Sheriff’s office however is needed so that the person/people responsible for these horses’ horrible conditions will be held accountable.

“Many of these horses were in horrendous conditions. While we are still learning all of the details of this case, there is no excuse for leaving animals to suffer like this.” said Tom Colvin, Executive Director with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

These horses now face a long road to recovery. The ARL is seeking the public’s help with hay and veterinary expenses. You can make a donation directly to Help the Horses at


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