Aspen was found starving in a snowbank

posted on Thursday, February 3, 2022 in News

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Aspen arrived wet and shivering after being found alone and starving in a snowbank in the cold.

The 12-week-old kitten was weak, dehydrated and very thin, making his situation even more critical. He needed help right away. We rushed him to our Kitten NICU and placed him in one of our incubators for neonatal kittens. A member of our medical team stayed with him as we monitored his body temperature and treated him for dehydration. He was so frail and sick, but all he wanted was love. We rubbed his small body gently and he kneaded and purred.

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Thankfully, Aspen arrived in time and we were able to bring his body temperature back to normal. Any longer in the cold, and he would not have survived.

Beyond being dangerously thin, Aspen is suffering from an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection. It will take time for him to return to a healthy weight. He will be recovering in our care for weeks.

No animal should suffer or die in the freezing cold. Luckily, Aspen arrived in the nick of time.

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Sadly, he’s not the only pet who desperately needs your help right now. More animals in need are arriving every day, and with the bitter cold and life-threatening wind chills in Iowa right now, their situation is even more desperate.

Your support today will give Aspen and others like him the critical medical care, food and love they need to survive, and your monthly gift will ensure we’ll always be there to help the next pet in need.

Please give today. In this most dangerous season, your donation, quite simply, will save lives.

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