Cats living in toxic conditions now safe at ARL

posted on Monday, October 19, 2020 in News

The Animal Rescue League is currently in the process of taking in multiple sick cats and kittens living in toxic conditions. We already have the majority of the cats at the ARL under the care of our medical team, and we are still receiving more.

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All of the cats and kittens arrived with terrible fleas and ear mites, and about half had been living in a house infested with black mold. Those cats are the most severely ill. All are suffering from upper respiratory infections and eye infections, and all have painful, rotting teeth that require major dental surgeries with multiple extractions. Sadly, one of the older cats in the group was so sick she did not make it.

With all of these sick cats and kittens arriving in such a short time – on top of the dozens of pets we already take in every day – we need your help.


Most of the cats and kittens will be in our care for weeks recovering from their illnesses. Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund will help us provide needed medical care for them and the others still arriving, and your monthly gift will help these cats as well as countless others who will arrive in the coming weeks and months in need of a miracle.

help now

help now

These cats have been through so much already and deserve the chance to live happy, healthy lives with families who love them. Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund will save them from the pain and suffering they’ve endured and prepare them for the loving homes they’ve always deserved.

Your gift today will change their lives.

P.S.: Whether you decide to make a one-time donation today or join our Loyal Friends Club monthly giving program, you'll be automatically enrolled to receive exclusive updates on these cats’ progress.