Daisy arrived limping, has long recovery ahead

posted on Saturday, May 16, 2020 in News

Daisy arrived at the Animal Rescue League limping heavily and in obvious pain. She was clearly struggling and could barely put any weight on her back leg. Looking up at us, she tried to be brave, but we could see she desperately needed help.

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We rushed her to our Miracle Medical Ward and immediately started her on pain medication. After taking X-rays to ensure she had no breaks, an orthopedic exam confirmed exactly what we'd feared: She had suffered an acute injury to a ligament in her knee the equivalent of a torn ACL for an athlete.

The injury was not only causing severe pain, if it wasn't treated ASAP, it could cause permanent, irreversible joint damage and leave her in pain for the rest of her life.

Daisy needs an expensive surgery with a specialist, and she needs it now. Even a gift of $50 will help give this gentle dog the miracle she needs.


Sadly, Daisy is only one of many pets in our care right now who arrived in need of extensive medical treatment and have long recoveries ahead. We have seen so much need just in the past few weeks.

In times like these, your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund helps more than ever.

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Please make a donation now to help give Daisy and other animals who come to us injured and in pain the specialized treatment they need and the second chances they deserve.

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