Dangerously thin dog rescued just in time

posted on Friday, March 12, 2021 in News

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UPDATE (3/16/2021, 12:51 p.m.)

Aaryn Westendorf and Cannon Kuper, both of Des Moines, have each been charged with 1 count of animal neglect in relation to the case involving Bree.


It happened again.

We can hardly believe it, but a little over a week after taking in an emaciated dog named Jax, we now have another dog in our care that has been nearly starved to death.

Just like Jax, Bree is literally skin and bones. You can see every rib, every ridge on her spine. She arrived dehydrated and ravenous, and our medical team immediately rushed to her aid. She is so dangerously thin — just 20 pounds — that she could not have survived much longer without help.

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She is being watched closely by our veterinarians and care team and we have started her on a special refeeding program to help her regain weight as safely as possible. For dogs with such severe emaciation, the initial period of reintroducing food is the most dangerous, so our team is monitoring her very closely.

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As fragile as she is, Bree is incredibly sweet and craves affection. It breaks our hearts that even after all she’s been through, she still wants to love and trust humans.

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Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund provides lifesaving care and rehabilitation for the most vulnerable animals. Bree didn't ask for this to happen to her, but you can give a gift of hope today for Bree and other pets who need immediate help.

Sadly, as Bree and Jax show, the need is high. With your support — whether you make a one-time gift or a monthly gift — we can help Bree now and be ready to answer the next call for help, which may only be days away.

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