Freedom for 30 dogs bred for profit

posted on Monday, January 29, 2024 in News


The ARL Mobile Rescue team has been deployed to remove hundreds of dogs from commercial breeders and puppy mills over the last few months, and the latest call for help was just days ago.

We arrived to find 30 dogs and puppies who were left over after a commercial breeder in Eastern Iowa chose not to renew their license. One by one our rescue team began opening the doors to each cage – literally opening the doors to a new life … a life that, with your help, will look very different from what these dogs have ever known.


They had never been outside of the small confines of the breeding operation. 

They have never known the comfort of a home or the love of a family. 

They have never experienced freedom. 

Little did they know, their lives were just beginning.


As our veterinary and behavior teams examined each dog, some of the dogs were carrying the scars from their previous life quite literally on their bodies. The dogs range in age from tiny puppies to adults.  All will need help and patience while learning to trust people. They will need time to know that they are safe. Many will need medical treatments and dental surgeries, too, and of course they will all need spay/neuter surgeries to end the cycle they were born into. 

While we can’t change their past, you can change their future.

When you give today – whether one-time or monthly – you’ll be putting these dogs and puppies, and so many other animals, on the path to a new and better life. 

Help these dogs now to give them hope for the homes and families they’ve never had and the lifetime of love they’ve always deserved.


P.S.:  When you donate today or join our Loyal Friends Club to become a monthly donor, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive updates on these dogs and puppies. Special thanks to Iowa City Animal Control for initiating this rescue and their partnership on the scene.