Goldie deserves a second chance

posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 in News


Goldie arrived this week with two large wounds on his head, one of them very deep at the base of his ear, painful, and oozing. The larger wound is so bad that today he went under anesthesia for a procedure to help with his healing.


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We’d love to say this is unusual – a pet arriving with serious injuries that require urgent medical care. But sadly this is a situation we see every single day. Today we’re helping Goldie, and tomorrow … or even later today … there will be another pet who arrives at our doors in need of immediate veterinary care and a second chance. The need is constant, and we simply can’t help all of these pets without your donation.


Your gift to our Miracle Medical Fund today will help Goldie and other pets like him, and your monthly gift will help him now and the thousands of others like him whose stories we don’t share every day.

Goldie is such a sweet boy, and he didn't ask to be injured and in pain. He and other pets like him need your help now. Can they count on you?

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