Harry needs your help

posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 in News

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Harry needs your help. This senior boy (we estimate him to be at least 10) arrived at the ARL after a good Samaritan found him and rushed him to us for help. He was in pain, confused and unable to use his leg – it appeared he was hit by a car.

His back leg simply dangles, he can barely put weight on his front leg, and he has extreme bruising on his entire left side. He cried out whenever he was moved. We immediately started him on pain medications, and today he will go under anesthesia so we can better examine the extent of his injuries to determine how we can help him.

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Our Miracle Medical Fund exists to help pets like Harry, and your gift today will ensure we’re always there for the next pet with traumatic injuries who arrives with nowhere else to turn. Whether you give a one-time gift or a monthly gift – every gift will be a miracle to Harry and other injured pets who arrive at our doors.

He’s lived a lot of years already, but Harry’s next journey is just beginning. Can he count on you?

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