He is just 8 weeks old

posted on Saturday, July 16, 2022 in News

Humphrey Header

He was so little and in so much pain.

Humphrey’s thin body was hot to the touch and covered in sores when he arrived at the Animal Rescue League. At only 8 weeks old, his ribs showed clearly through his patchy fur. He had obviously never had proper medical care. We didn’t know when the last time was that he’d had enough to eat. It was obvious he had suffered immensely in his short life, but that was about to change.


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We immediately gave him medications to soothe his raw skin and make him comfortable. He ate hungrily when we offered food. He leaned into our caring touch.

This sweet pup is so young and has already endured so much, but you can change his future.



When you support our Miracle Medical Fund – either with a one-time gift or by giving monthly – you’re giving Humphrey and other pets like him the life-changing medical care and compassion they need, and, once they are well, the opportunity to find loving homes of their own.

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