Help arrived just in time for Evander

posted on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 in News

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UPDATE  (5/3/2021, 8:30 p.m.)

Two people have been charged for their alleged connection with the starvation death of a female dog that arrived at the ARL and the alleged neglect of the dog Evander, who is currently under the care of ARL veterinarians. Amber Robison and Todd Townsend, both of Ankeny, are each facing 2 charges of Animal Neglect – Death or Serious Injury in the case. Quick action by Ankeny Police and the ARL team led to the charges. Evander, who arrived very thin, urine-soaked and covered in feces, is recovering under the care of our Miracle Medical Team.

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ORIGINAL POST (4/28/2021, 3:30 p.m.)

Evander arrived at the ARL very, very thin, weighing just 31 pounds. He was urine-soaked and covered in feces, with wounds across his muzzle. He had been suffering for quite some time … and likely would still be if it hadn’t been for the quick action of our team and Ankeny Police over the weekend.

After an emaciated female dog was brought to the ARL earlier in the day, already deceased and in a carrier caked in feces, our shocked team quickly realized there was another dog still in the home. We contacted Ankeny Police, and Evander was able to be saved within hours.

A necropsy indicated the female dog had died of starvation.

Evander had been rescued in the nick of time.

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Evander is now on a special refeeding program to help him regain his weight safely and is being closely watched by our medical team. He is lucky to be alive, and he’s not out of the woods.

Your donation today provides hope for Evander and others like him who arrive fighting to survive. We have seen so much need in the past few months.

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Thankfully help did come in time for Evander, but it could so easily have gone the other way. Your donation – whether one-time or monthly – will allow us to continue to be there for pets like him who are also on the brink and need a second chance.

With your help, Evander will never again know the horrors he suffered, and once he has healed he’ll have the chance to find the loving home he so deserves.

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