Help save Ozzy's eye

posted on Thursday, February 22, 2024 in News


The ammonia in the air was stifling.

Every room in the house was covered in cat feces and trash that clung to ARL rescuers’ boots with each step they took.

Cats were everywhere.


It was heartbreaking to see the conditions that the people and cats had been living in. For many of the 24 cats and kittens, it was all they’ve ever known. All of the adult cats had also suffered inside this small Des Moines home, but one look at the kittens made our hearts sink. All of the kittens had severe upper respiratory infections, conjunctivitis, ear mites, fleas, and eyes that were matted shut.

One of the kittens, who we named Ozzy, has such a severe eye infection that it appeared one of his eyes had actually ruptured!

All 24 cats and kittens are now under the care of our Miracle Medical Team and are finally receiving the help they need. The kittens all needed subcutaneous fluids to treat dehydration, and all are receiving antibiotics and additional treatments to fight their infections. Some of the kittens’ eyes are in such bad shape they may need to be surgically removed, but with your help, we will do everything we can to save them. 


These kittens and cats have already been through so much, but with your help we can ensure the worst part of their lives is behind them. 

Your gift today – whether one-time or monthly – will give these 24 cats and kittens and others like them the care they need to heal and find new homes. It will also enable our team to respond to the next call for help, when animal victims have nowhere else to turn.

Kittens and cats in crisis depend on you. They depend on us. Together, we can change their lives.


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Thank you to Des Moines Police for their assistance in this rescue.