King was lucky to be alive

posted on Friday, September 8, 2023 in News

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When our ARL Animal Services officer responded to a call about an injured dog, he found a horrific sight: a young dog with blood covering the front part of his body.

As he leaned in closer, he saw where the blood was coming from: The poor pup’s collar was deeply embedded in his neck, causing a serious wound nearly all the way around.

Whoever had put the collar on King had never adjusted it as he grew, leaving it to dig in deeper and deeper. With every movement, the collar cut into the wound, reopening it and causing unimaginable pain.

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Our ASO rushed King to our Emergency Care Team and within minutes the pup was in our Miracle Medical Ward under heavy sedation. When we cut his collar off, what we saw was horrifying: The gaping wound at King’s throat was at least 1.5 inches deep – dangerously close to his jugular.

He was lucky to be alive.

Our Emergency Care Team cleaned and dressed his wound, which smelled strongly of infection. We gave him pain medications and antibiotics to help his body begin healing. A wound so large and deep takes weeks to heal.

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Now King needs YOU.

Animals like King are the reason our Miracle Medical Fund exists, and your donations are life-changing. Whether you choose to give a one-time gift or give monthly, you’ll be helping King and so many other pets like him who arrive at our doors in need of emergency care.

Give now to help King heal … and give him hope for better days to come.

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