Kitten Found Injured on Highway

posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 in News

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Highway Bobby arrived at the Animal Rescue League as a tiny injured kitten, weighing just 1.7 pounds. A good Samaritan had found him by the side of a highway with severe trauma to his back end.

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His tail appeared to be dead, and the skin beneath it had been pulled away from the underlying tissue, leaving the mangled area raw and inflamed. His injuries were so bad it was unclear whether he would survive.

His condition was serious, but we knew we had to give him a chance. Despite his injuries, we could see he was a fighter. He actively asked for cuddles and purred if we so much as looked at him.

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Our veterinarians took Bobby into surgery, amputated his lifeless tail and put his mangled skin and tissue back where it was supposed to be. The surgery went well, but the damage Bobby had suffered was extensive, so we won’t know for a while whether the area will be able to function like it is supposed to. Bobby will likely be in our Miracle Medical Ward for weeks.

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As summer hits and animals continue to enter our shelter in ever higher numbers, the need to heal injured pets and relieve suffering has only accelerated.

Your donation today to our Miracle Medical Fund will not only help Bobby but ensure we can continue to say yes when we are called on to help pets who need critical care.

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