Luna was in so much pain

posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 in News


Luna’s body was hot to the touch and covered in sores when she arrived at the Animal Rescue League. Her skin was red and raw, and the smell of infection filled the room.

She was so young and in so much pain.


We immediately brought her to our Miracle Medical Ward and gave her medications and a medicated bath to ease her pain and start her long healing process. She leaned into our touch as we examined her and bathed her. She was so happy to finally feel some relief.

This sweet pup has already endured so much, but you can change her future.

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800+ animals have come through our doors in the first month of the year alone, and many, like Luna, have had serious medical needs. With so many urgent cases last year … and already this year, our Miracle Medical Fund is running very low.

Your donation today will help Luna heal, and your monthly donation will help her now and ensure we can continue to help the countless others who will arrive at the ARL this year in need of critical care.

We can't do this alone. Give now to help Luna and others in need of urgent care with nowhere else to turn. Your gift will change their lives.

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