Margot was just skin and bones

posted on Thursday, September 14, 2023 in News

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When an ARL Animal Services officer arrived at an apartment to assist Des Moines Police, he found two very thin large-breed dogs – and the condition of one was especially dire.

Margot was emaciated, visibly weak and tied to a doorknob. She was barely able to stand.

The ARL officer rushed the dogs to our shelter, where our veterinary team was waiting to provide critical care. Margot was so frail her back legs trembled and it was hard for her to hold herself up. Her face was sunken, she was extremely dehydrated, and she had pressure sores on her hips and legs. She weighed just 24.6 pounds.


We knew we needed to rehydrate her as carefully and quickly as possible, so we started IV fluids and monitored her condition closely. In the first 24 hours in our care she gained an impressive 4 pounds!

Both dogs were placed on a special feeding program to help them regain weight as safely as possible. Margot especially has a long road back to health.


Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund will provide lifesaving care and rehabilitation for these dogs and other survivors of animal cruelty. They didn’t ask for this to happen to them, but with your support, we can help them heal and make sure they will know love from now on.

Sadly, the need is high, but with your support – whether you make a one-time gift or a monthly gift - we can help these dogs now and always be ready to answer the next call for lifesaving care, which may only be days away.

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