The new year can mean a new life for Cam

posted on Monday, January 4, 2021 in News


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When Cam arrived at the Animal Rescue League, our Emergency Medical Team could not believe what they were seeing. We quickly discovered his problems were more than skin deep.

He was in so much pain and fear he wouldn’t let us touch him.

In his kennel, he retreated to the back wall and sat hunched, nose practically touching the ground. His feet cracked and bled with every movement. He couldn’t see out of one eye because of scabbing. On top of that, he was uncontrollably itchy, to the point where even when he tried to sleep, it woke him and he would chew on his already raw legs in a futile attempt to try to control it.


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His pain only fed his fear. He would thrash and bite at any leash or collar. With such severe behavior and medical needs, we weren’t sure we would be able save him, but we knew we had to try.

We began treating his skin infection the only way we could by tossing him medication in balls of wet dog food. To give him a chance to relieve himself, we used movable panels to corral him outside, avoiding the leash and collar.


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We still think Cam has a chance. We hope that as his pain subsides, he will learn to trust us. But his recovery will be a long one. And that’s where he needs your help.

Your donation today will help give Cam the second chance he needs and deserves, and your monthly gift will help Cam now and allow us to continue to be there for Cam and other pets like him who arrive at the ARL with long roads ahead.


Others have failed him, but today, you can give him hope.

Cam remains under the care of our medical and behavior teams, and we are seeing small signs of progress. After a few days of medication, he began to look up at us and sometimes even approach the door of his kennel for food. Each day he is learning to trust little by little and with your donation, you will ensure there never is a time limit for dogs like Cam.

We are committed to giving him a chance, but we can't do it alone. Please give today and show Cam that despite all that he has been through, miracles can happen.

P.S., The investigation into Cam's case is ongoing, and when you donate today or enroll in our Loyal Friends Club monthly giving program, you'll be automatically enrolled to receive exclusive updates on his progress.