She Arrived with a Broken Leg and Pelvis

posted on Friday, July 24, 2020 in News

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How does a young cat like this end up with a severely broken leg and pelvis?

We may never know how this poor kitty got these horrific injuries. But we do know she needs surgery right away to save her life.

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Thankfully this very sweet cat, who we named Gracie, was brought to the Animal Rescue League. A tiny cat at just 6 pounds, she was very quiet and in severe pain when she arrived, with abrasions on her stomach and an obviously broken leg. She weakly tried to stand but her injuries were too severe.

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She was given pain medications immediately, and X-rays taken by our Emergency Care Team revealed even more serious injuries — she is not only suffering from a broken leg, but a broken pelvis, too.

Gracie deserves a second chance, and she needs your help now.

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Our Miracle Medical Fund exists for cats just like Gracie — ones who have suffered trauma, ones who arrive at the ARL in desperate need of help, ones who have nowhere else to turn. Your donation today will give this precious kitty the miracle she needs right now, and your monthly gift will help her and countless others who will arrive injured and in pain in the weeks to come.

So many animals like Gracie come to us with uncertain pasts, but with your support we can ensure they have the second chances … and happy futures … that they deserve. Please give now to help them heal. To give them hope. To be their miracle.

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