She did not deserve to be hungry and in pain

posted on Thursday, July 30, 2020 in News

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When Blueberry arrived at the Animal Rescue League, the sight of her took our breath away. Her thin body was hot to the touch and covered with scabs and sores, her fur was thin and patchy, her eyes were red and infected, and her feet were oversized from swelling.

This didn't happen overnight.

At just 5 months old this sweet pup has likely never known a day without suffering.

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She has likely never known what it's like to feel normal — free from the constant pain and itching of her inflamed skin, free from walking on paws that ache every time they touch the ground, free from the burning in her eyes. And free from gnawing hunger.

She did not deserve this. While shy, she has obviously been around people, and sadly those people failed her.

With your help today, we will ensure that never happens again.

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Donate to Help Blueberry

Our Emergency Care Team began evaluating Blueberry immediately. She smelled of urine and infection, and the condition of her teeth was shocking. Our veterinarians said it was likely Blueberry had been so hungry and living in such terrible conditions that she had been eating her own feces to survive.

We offered her a can of puppy food and she ate ravenously, pushing the bowl across the floor to get every last morsel.

We wrapped her up in a towel, carried her to our grooming room and gave her what was probably the first bath of her life. Live fleas, dead skin and scabs fell off in our hands as we gently rinsed away months of grime. Medicated shampoo cooled her burning skin. Once we were done, we dried her off and settled her in a clean kennel with food, water and a soft blanket. She snuggled in and fell asleep almost immediately.

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Blueberry is now on several medications and has a long road ahead of her, but with your support we will show her what it feels like to be pain-free, to be loved, to be the carefree puppy she has never had the chance to be.

Your gift to our Miracle Medical Fund today will give Blueberry her second chance and your monthly gift will help this sweet pup today and countless others like her who will come to us alone and in desperate need of medical care in the days to come.

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Donate to help Blueberry deserves this chance to know what it’s like to be healthy and loved … just like all the pets who come to us suffering, hurt, lost and scared.

Please make a donation today to give Blueberry a fresh start — the start to life she should have had all along.

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