Theo needs your help to heal

posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 in News


Our Miracle Medical Team was ready and waiting when an ARL Animal Services officer rushed in carrying a thin, badly injured 8-week-old puppy in his arms.

Theo’s back leg was broken … but what was even more concerning was the soiled wrapping of what looked like paper towels, scotch tape and electrical tape around his back foot. Even gently touching the area caused him to cry out in pain.


Our veterinarian quickly administered pain medications and placed Theo under sedation to allow us to help him. As we removed the wrapping, the severity of his injury became clear: His foot was missing entirely and the stump that was left was bloody and raw.

Even more shocking, his injuries were not recent. From the condition of his leg and wound, our veterinarian estimated his leg had been broken for at least a month, and the trauma to Theo’s foot had happened weeks ago.

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This poor puppy had been suffering for an incredibly long time with no veterinary care and no relief from his pain.

Thankfully, Theo is now safe, but he needs YOU.0418_Theo_Content_02

Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund – whether one-time or monthly – will help give Theo and other severely injured animals who arrive at our doors the critical medical care they need to heal and hope for a brighter future.

Theo didn’t deserve to suffer like he has – no animal does – but you can be the hero he needs with a compassionate gift today.

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