These dogs and puppies deserved better

posted on Friday, February 16, 2024 in News


Nine dogs who had been living in a cramped, filthy wire kennel inside a Webster City home are now safe at the Animal Rescue League after our Mobile Rescue Team was called to assist Webster City Police with a case of alleged animal neglect on Valentine's Day.

Our team arrived at the residence to find dogs and puppies living in their own waste with barely room to move a few steps in any direction. All of them reeked of urine and feces, and most were covered in scars and healing wounds.

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Back at the shelter, our medical team examined each dog thoroughly, and what they found was even more heartbreaking. One of the four adults is especially thin and has old wounds and scarring across her body from what were likely repeated attacks in the stressful environment.

But it is the five puppies who are most concerning. All of them are thin and covered in old and healing wounds. The repeated untreated injuries have caused such trauma to their bodies that their heads appear misshapen. Many have multiple large lumps, either from current injuries or scar tissue. Injuries to one young puppy have left one side of his face swollen and scarred. All are being treated for fleas, worms, parasites and diarrhea, and all are receiving antibiotics to help them heal.

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While the puppies are shy, the adult dogs were so happy to have space to finally move around that they were doing zoomies in our exam room. We can’t imagine the mental suffering they endured living in a cramped kennel for so long.

These dogs didn’t deserve this – no animal does – but your gift today can change their lives.

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P.S.:  Dennis Russell Goodrich, 63, of Webster City was arrested and charged with animal neglect in connection with this case. When you donate today or join our Loyal Friends Club monthly giving program, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive updates on these dogs and puppies.