They only had hours left to live

posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 in News

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Amilia and Scrappy were found trapped in their kennels inside an abandoned apartment on Des Moines’ south side, with no food or water. The situation was dire.

When the call came in to ARL Animal Services, an ARL officer rushed to bring them to our Miracle Medical Ward, where our veterinary team was waiting to provide critical care. What they saw was shocking: 2 large-breed dogs, both skin and bones, each weighing just 22 pounds.

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The dogs both needed urgent care, but it was Amilia we were most concerned about.

Not only was she emaciated and extremely dehydrated, she was showing signs of respiratory distress and shock. She could barely stand and was too weak to walk. Her condition was critical.

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We X-rayed her immediately to make sure she wasn’t suffering from an obstruction in her digestive system. But X-rays showed there was nothing in her digestive system. Not in her stomach. Not in her intestines. She had been without food and water for so long that her body had literally nothing in it.

Our veterinarians said she would have died within hours if she had not been rescued. Even once she was in our care we weren’t sure she would survive.

We knew we had to rehydrate her as carefully and quickly as possible, so we started IV fluids and monitored her condition closely. In the first day in our care she gained 9 pounds -- just from rehydration.

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She and Scrappy are now on a special refeeding program to help them regain weight as safely as possible. For dogs with such severe emaciation, the initial period of reintroducing food is the most dangerous, so our team is monitoring them very closely.

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These dogs have a long road ahead, and they need your help.

Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund will provide lifesaving care and rehabilitation for Amilia and Scrappy and other survivors of animal cruelty. They didn’t ask for this to happen to them, but with your help, we can not only put them on the road to recovery but make sure they will know love from now on.

Sadly, the need is high, but with your support -- whether you make a one-time gift or a monthly gift we can help these dogs now and always be ready to answer the next call for lifesaving care, which may only be days away.

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P.S.: Raevon Teel of Des Moines (pictured below) has been arrested and charged with 2 counts of aggravated animal neglect in this case. When you give today or join our Loyal Friends Club with a monthly gift, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive more updates.