Three Neglected Horses Removed from Warren County Property

posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 in News

3 Horses Removed from Warren County

Three neglected horses are recovering at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa after the ARL’s Mobile Rescue Team assisted authorities in removing them from a Warren County property. The horses are extremely thin, and it is clear that they had been deprived of food and medical care for quite some time.

The most emaciated of the three, a gentle gelding named Chester, arrived suffering from multiple untreated wounds, as well as a skin condition, likely from malnutrition, that has caused hair loss and skin peeling. All three were covered with botfly larvae and two had manes tangled with burrs.


Thankfully these horses are now safe and with your help their healing can begin.

All have been started on a refeeding program, under the supervision of equine veterinarians, so they can regain weight safely. Chester’s wounds have been cleaned, and the most serious gashes on his legs have been wrapped. He is also receiving a medicated spray for his skin, and the botfly larvae have been removed.

Chester leg wounds

Unfortunately, veterinarians found a large wound under his jaw, possibly from an infected tooth, that they were not able to fully examine, even with as patient as Chester is. They will need to sedate him in order to do that, but his condition is still too fragile.

The other two horses, Twister and Typhoon, are less trusting – not at all surprising considering the suffering they have endured. But our team has already seen them start to open up a little, and we’re confident that with kindness and patience they will continue to blossom.

Twister and Typhoon

The investigation into this case is ongoing, but Chester, Twister and Typhoon still have months of recovery ahead. And they need your help now.

With your help, there is still time to prepare their frail bodies for the winter ahead. Please give today to help them heal and ensure we can be there for the next animal who comes to us suffering and in desperate need of help. Your gift makes a difference. You can be their miracle.