Watching this little dog walk was heartbreaking

posted on Thursday, October 8, 2020 in News

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Her eyes were full of sadness and worry when she arrived at the Animal Rescue League. The tiny dog was found alone near a busy intersection, infested with fleas and shivering.

But it was watching her try to walk that was truly heartbreaking. Her back legs wobbled and shifted back and forth at the knees. She hunched over a little to steady herself as much as she could but she could not walk anywhere near normally.

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X-rays show that both of her kneecaps are severely displaced. One is popped out of its socket constantly, and the other moves in and out of its normal position as she walks. Besides making movement difficult, the little dog, who we named Lucille, has been living with constant discomfort, probably for much of her life.

Lucille’s condition is so severe that she needs double knee surgery in order to give her permanent relief and help her walk normally again.

She needs your help.



Despite her challenges, she is the sweetest dog. Her face lights up and her tail wags like crazy when she sees us. All she wants is to be cuddled and loved.

Double knee surgery is expensive, and sadly, with all the pets who have come to us with serious medical needs this year, our Miracle Medical Fund is running very low.

Your donation today will help Lucille get the surgery she needs, and your monthly donation will help her now and ensure we can continue to help the countless others who will arrive at our doors this year in need of critical care.

Lucille's surgery should have happened long before she ever arrived at the ARL. Now that she is here we are committed to giving her the quality of life she deserves. But we can’t do it alone.

We need your help now. To give her hope. To give her the miracle she needs.

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Watch Lucille's walk