3 Amazing Benefits of Walking or Jogging With Your Dog

posted on Monday, July 9, 2018 in Pet PSA

3 Amazing Benefits of Walking or Jogging With Your Dog
Walking and jogging are two of the best hobbies you and your dog can share. Aside from costing next to nothing (all you need is a leash, walking shoes, and a place to wander), there are three amazing benefits of walking and jogging with your dog.

Benefit 1: Health - Even a short 10-minute walk every day with your dog can result in astounding health benefits for both of you. Walking helps both of you maintain a healthy weight, and humans can experience lower blood pressure and an improved sense of well-being. Plus, who wouldn’t be happy after spending quality time with their pup?

Benefit 2: Bonding - Going on regular walks and/or jogs with your dog helps build trust between you. Wandering through the park and taking in other experiences together nurtures your bond and brings you closer together.

Benefit 3: Socialization - Some dogs are intimidated by the busyness of the dog park, but love to meet new people and dogs. Walking/jogging on community trails together is a great way for both of you to make new friends without causing your dog discomfort. Always remember to be respectful of others who are out on the trail, as some dogs may not be as willing to meet new friends.

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Walking and jogging with your pet doesn’t mean you have to scale mountains or go on grand adventures. A simple walk around the block is a great way to get the ball rolling on your new hobby that you’re both bound to enjoy.