More Pets Lost on Fourth of July Than Any Other Time of Year

posted on Friday, June 15, 2018 in Pet PSA

While our country celebrates its independence, this time of year can be a frightening time for pets. The noise caused by fireworks can cause dogs and cats to go to great lengths to escape their house, fenced yard, or even a leash. This is why more lost pets end up in animal shelters on this holiday than any other time of the year.

"Dogs and cats have a much higher sense of hearing so the loud squeals, screeches, and booms of fireworks often frighten them," said Josh Colvin, Operations Manager for Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) Care & Control, "It's important to keep your dog safely inside the house."

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa provides the following suggestions to help you and your dog celebrate the holidays together and without terror:

  • Do not take your pets with you to firework displays - the sights and sounds are not an event you need to share with your pets.
  • Keep the TV or radio on during fireworks to help drown the sound and distract them from the loud noises.
  • For dogs with known noise anxiety, consider purchasing a "Thundershirt" - made specifically for this storms and fireworks, its gentle pressure has a dramatic calming effect on many dogs (can be purchased at the ARL's Animal House retail store)
  • When walking your dog, be sure to take them out earlier in the evening before it becomes dark and fireworks are more likely to occur.
  • If possible, be with your pets in the house during the displays - you can provide additional comfort for them during this highly stressful time.
  • Be sure your pets are wearing proper identification at all times - this is especially important should your cat or dog bolt out of fear and become lost.

To report a stray in Des Moines, call (515) 283-4811 or the non-emergency police number in all other cities.