Report Animal Cruelty

posted on Monday, May 1, 2017 in Pet PSA

Animal cruelty happens every day around the world. To help minimize the number of animals in abusive situations, follow the four R’s:


Every pet owner has their own way of caring for their pet, so don’t jump the gun and assume someone is abusing their pet just because they’re doing something differently than you would.

Signs of animal cruelty include:

  • Denying an animal food or water
  • Denying an animal shelter
  • Hitting or Kicking animal
  • Killing an animal


If you see someone abusing or neglecting an animal, report it to your local law enforcement or animal control. Do not try to physically intervene in the situation, as you could get hurt or accidentally make things worse.

Reach Out

The most effective way to put an end to animal cruelty is to reach out and educate the public. The more people who know how to recognize and report animal cruelty, the more animals can be saved.

Ways to educate others include:

  • Give a seminar
  • Submit an article to your local paper
  • Start a blog
  • Talk with your friends and family


Knowing that you’re doing your part to save animals from cruel situations calls for a moment of rejoicing! Take a minute to appreciate yourself for what you’ve done, and realize just how big of an impact you’ve made. Not every animal is free from animal abuse yet, but with your help, we can give every animal the life they deserve.