4 horses needed immediate help

posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 in News


When the ARL’s Mobile Rescue Team was contacted by Keokuk County Sheriff’s deputies to assist with a rescue, we arrived to find four horses – two of whom were in such terrible condition they were literally skin and bones. It was clear they needed immediate help.

During the 1.5-hour drive back to Des Moines, one of the horses was so emaciated she collapsed. We stopped to help her, and when we were unable to get her on her feet, we took her to the equine veterinary hospital at Iowa State for emergency round-the-clock care.


We don’t know how long the mare, Salty, will need to be hospitalized or if she will even survive. The next few days will be critical for her.

The other horse in the worst condition, Betty, is not only emaciated, she is blind, with a condition that has caused her eyes to become red and inflamed. She is stable at our Second Chance Ranch as of right now and we’ve started her on a special refeeding program to help her regain weight safely. But she is definitely not out of the woods.

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All of the horses are also undersocialized, meaning they will need behavioral rehabilitation as well.


Thankfully, these horses are now safe, but we can’t do this alone. Please donate today to help provide care for Salty, Betty, Chelsea and Little Richard – and other animals like them. You’ll give them hope for a better life ahead – the life they’ve always deserved.

Your gift – whether one-time or monthly – can be the miracle they need.

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