ARL Rescues 25 Exotic Birds from SE Iowa

posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 in News

Exotic BirdsThe Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) responded to a call for help after a woman in Burlington, IA suffered a stroke and could no longer care for her 25 exotic birds. ARL officials made the nearly 3 hour drive to pick-up the birds and bring them back to the ARL where they were medically and behaviorally evaluated by ARL staff. All 25 birds will be available for adoption on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018 and include 19 love birds (walk-in adoptions) and 2 eclectus parrots, a rosella parrot, a red-lored amazon, a white-fronted amazon, and a sun conure (by appointment).

“The ARL has always been there for pet-owners who have nowhere else to turn in Central Iowa, and we are also there to assist pet owners throughout the state with animals beyond cats and dogs, especially in large quantities like this particular case.” said Tom Colvin, CEO for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. “While we help small animals every day of the year, getting this many birds at one time is certainly uncommon, but the ARL is always ready and willing to respond when situations like these arise. We are happy to be able to provide this owner with peace of mind that her animals will be cared for now that she is no longer able to.”

Anyone interested in adopting the lovebirds can come to ARL South during adoption hours and anyone interested in the others should contact to schedule an appointment.

Donations can be made at RE: Burlington Birds.