Dog left behind at airport

posted on Friday, December 30, 2022 in News

Allie Update

UPDATE (1/12/23 9 a.m.)

We’re happy to tell you that Allie, the dog left at the Des Moines airport, was adopted yesterday by a family who saw her at the airport the day she was abandoned. Her new family has already reached out to us with an update, saying Allie is settling in very well.
Pictured: Sweet Allie saying goodbye to ARL staff.

UPDATE (1/3/23 11 a.m.)

A warrant related to this case has been issued, and Allie has been surrendered to the ARL by her owner. Once Allie receives her spay surgery, microchip, and any other needed veterinary services, she will become available for adoption.

Dog left at airport

Des Moines, IA – Unprecedented flight cancellations have left thousands of people stranded at airports this week, but the airlines weren’t to blame for a sweet dog being stranded at the Des Moines, IA, airport yesterday.

When ARL Animal Services officers responded to a call about a dog tied up outside the airport, airline workers told us the dog was unable to board a cross-country flight home with her owner because the owner did not have a kennel. They said the owner left the airport with the dog, but returned alone, and went on to board their flight. The 1 year-old female dog, who we have been calling Allie, was later found tied up outside the airport.

Allie is incredibly sweet and is now safe in our care and loving attention from our staff team. The incident is still an active investigation, and more details will be released as they are able to be shared. This pup is just one of the 10,000+ pets the ARL has cared for already this year.

You can help Allie and the hundreds of other animals in our care get a fresh start in the new year here.