Elliot needs surgery now to save his leg

posted on Friday, September 11, 2020 in News

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When Elliot arrived at the Animal Rescue League, all we were told is that he had been hit by a car. 

One of his back legs was severely injured, with a deep, gaping wound by his ankle. He was unable to stand. Our Emergency Care Team immediately started him on pain medications and moved him to our Miracle Medical Ward so our veterinary team could determine the extent of his injuries.

The area was a mess of shredded muscle and tissue. As we examined him further, we were horrified to see that his tendons and ligaments were severely damaged, leaving his joint with no stability at all.

Elliot needs surgery with a specialist to give him the chance to walk again and hopefully save his leg.

This very sweet boy needs your help now.

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Donate to Help

Our Miracle Medical Fund was created for pets just like Elliot, ones with serious medical needs who arrive at the ARL suffering and who need specialized care to change their life.

Your donation to our Miracle Medical Fund today will help Elliot and others in desperate need right now, and your monthly donation will help him and countless others who will arrive at our doors needing emergency medical care. There are so many. Your donation is needed now more than ever.

Please give now to give Elliot the second chance he deserves.

You can be the miracle he needs.

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